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Here are some issues Brianna is passionate about and will fight for


It is important that our roads, infrastructure, and public transportation are designed, built, and maintained with growth in mind. We need to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and reliable public transportation and that our roadways can accommodate our expanding communities.


TABOR rules have handcuffed growth and distribution of much needed money for education, infrastructure, and other projects. We need to review and repeal this amendment and replace it with language that affords legislators the power to govern responsibly.


Because of the lack of funding, Colorado ranks in the bottom 20% in the US. Competitive teacher wages is a dismal 50th. Our students and teachers deserve a lot better. One is not required to have children to know that education is vital to the success and prosperity of our state. Our teachers deserve to be paid fairly!

Attainable Housing and Wages

Wages and housing are strongly tied. The citizens of Colorado need living wages. They need jobs that will allow them to afford a safe place to raise a family. Along with that, they need housing that is a reasonable wage. We need to find a balance that works for workers and businesses so everyone can thrive. We also need to review the building defect laws so multi-family homes can be more popular to build.

Labor Unions

I believe in a worker’s right to organize, collectively bargain, negotiate wages and safer working conditions, and fair sick leave and family leave. So called ‘Right to Work’ laws take away the power of Unions to promote the values that unions strive to strengthen, and I will vote against any such bill. Unions workers collective voices help to increase average wages across America and play an important role in our Colorado economy.


We need to ensure that we preserve the environment and prevent it from further contamination. This is not only good common sense, but it propagates a culture for future generations to think about the impact their actions may have on their and their children's health. We need to balance non-renewable and renewable resources until we can be completely energy independent.

Healthcare / Opioid Crisis

Healthcare expenses continue to burden many people who are underinsured or can't afford what they have. Compounding the problem is the opioid epidemic. People affected need local places to get help. More importantly, we need to stop the flow of these drugs which are often legal prescriptions. Healthcare should be a right for everyone, not a privilege for the few.


When our soldiers come home from deployment, they sometimes have special needs. We need to be sure to give them what they are entitled to. We need to be able to better place soldiers in civilian jobs that can utilize their military training including career transition programs to help them get certifications and licenses.

Law Enforcement

We need our law enforcement officers to have the best training to be able to handle the difficult situations where de-escalation is often the best tactic. We need to reform the system so that the citizens and the people charged to protect them are safe from unnecessary harm.


Social Equality/ Women's Rights

There are still marginalized groups that need protection from draconian policies. We must not forget that women got the right to vote less than a mere century ago. We must work toward pay equality and fight blatant discriminatory practices.

LGBTQ Rights

The one thing we all have in common is that we are all Human beings. We need to look past gender identity and sexual preference to accept the members of our community that may seem different. We need to see that we are all members of the community and that shunning or bullying others for being different is unacceptable. Let's find out the intersectionality we have and bond over our commonalities and look past our differences.


The homeless problem in Colorado continues to get worse. We need to identify the leading causes of homelessness and work on solutions that work to prevent it and assist people to get back on their feet.


Get to Know Brianna

Like many people in Colorado, Brianna moved here from another state. But nearly 10 years later, she has never regretted her decision to relocate to such a great state and beautiful city, Arvada. Her career as a geologist drove her to Colorado, but has found so many opportunities here. Since being in Colorado, she worked as a mining consultant, a substitute teacher at a Catholic Jesuit school, and as a Web Application Developer.

Brianna grew up in a small town in the Hudson Valley of New York. She had hard working parents that both worked to provide for her and her brother. They were taught the value of money, how to save, and how to treat other people. She grew up very close to her grandparents and learned the value of wise elders and their experiences. She started working at age 14 to pay for the things she wanted and always had a job (or three) from Middle School through College. She was very fortunate and thankful for her parents to pay for her way through college at the local state university. This was something that she did not take for granted.

She attended the State University of New York at New Paltz where she earned her BA in Physics and BS in Geology. In High School, she learned the value of service when she became a very active member of the Milton Engine Company No. 1 as a Volunteer Firefighter. She took every training course around the county trying to learn every aspect of firefighting and was voted Junior Firefighter of the year for outstanding effort. After 7 years of volunteer service, she resigned from the department when she went to Stony Brook University to earn her MS in Geochemistry. After attending Western Michigan University Hydrogeology summer program, she quickly got a job doing Environmental Consulting. After learning the intricacies of the environmental industry, she decided that it was time to move on and relocated to Colorado.

Brianna enjoys nature and the mountains through trail running and photography. She spends time with her friends running the trails of the Front Range and sharing the vistas through photos and stories. She has watched her friends start families and is excited to take a more active role in enriching their children’s lives by taking them on outings to parks and museums. She is committed to ensuring that they receive a well-rounded experience and education.

During slow times of work, she volunteered at the Denver Botanic Gardens. More recently, she became a member of NecroSearch International, a 501c3 organization charged with using their collective scientific knowledge and experience to aid law enforcement solve cases and bring families closure and peace. She has also been involved in her local Home Owner Association since 2011. She was elected President of the HOA in 2014 and continues to lead the board today.

Brianna is a political outsider but started taking a more serious interest in national politics in 2012. Her interest in local politics started in 2016 where she began talking to her state leaders on issues that were important to her. She was elected as a Delegate Alternate in the 2016 Democraic Caucus for Candidate Bernie Sanders. She joined the Jefferson County LGBTQ+ Caucus in February 2017 and was elected as Secretary/Treasurer in August. She was more recently appointed as Captain at Large for the Jefferson County Democratic Party in October 2017. She believes that many people in Colorado don't pay enough attention to what is going on in their neighborhoods. Part of that reason is that they don’t know who represents them or that their voice even matters. She believes that more people are needed in government that don't just follow their agenda, but listen to their constituents and hear their concerns. She will be that person for District 27.

Brianna has always felt compelled to help others. She realized that representing others in Government was the best way to do this. She feels that, as a society, we have been drifting apart and settling in our 'political boxes'. We tend to dismiss people too quickly, whether it is by political affiliation, religion, skin color, gender identity, sexual preference, etc. Brianna believes that there are many things that we can find in common with each other, and around that intersectionality, come together and build a better sense of community. Brianna says, "We can't always choose where we live and with that, we cannot choose our neighbors. Instead of isolating ourselves, we should try to become better neighbors and friends. We're all in this together!"


Brianna has been endorsed by:

Run For Something

Run For Something

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Alberto Garcia

Hon. Alberto Garcia, Former Westminster Mayor Pro-Tem

"Brianna was instrumental coordinating our resolution in Westmenister calling for a ban on the atrocious practice of conversion therapy. I was impressed by her leadership and know she'll bring the same tenacity to the State Capitol."

Kathryn Sculley

Dr. Kathryn Sculley, Westminster City Council

Brianna Titone is a leader who will show up and work for transparency, accountability, equality, and inclusivity. She speaks and advocates for what is right and necessary such as proper Home Owners Association budget management and testifying before local city councils against conversion therapy. We need Brianna in the Colorado State House of Represenatives to stand up for the progression of our state.

Jessie Danielson

CO Represenative, Jessie Danielson

"I am supporting Brianna because she is dedicated to fighting for our community. She is a hard worker and will get the job done. She truly cares about the people in our community- she'll be there to listen, respond and work to make this an even better Colorado."

CO StoneWall Democrats

Colorado Stonewall Democrats

Dominick Moreno

CO Senator, Dominick Moreno


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